We are
Bangladesh Society

From the time of establishment BSE us adapting necessary steps for improvement of echo service of Bangladesh.

Aims and Objectives

A. Promotion of knowledge and expertise among the Echocardiologists of Bangladesh to raise the standard of echocardiographic practice for the better diagnosis and management of cardiac patients.

B. Promotion of co-operation and communication with the National and International organizations in the field of echocardiography and allied specialties.

C.To organize training courses and Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs for the members of the Society.

D. To organize scientific seminars and workshops to carry out educational activities and to discuss professional problems.

E. To publish Journal and News Letters on Echocardiography.

F. To promote participation of members of the Society in National and International conferences/training programs on echocardiography and allied discipline.

G. To establish and enunciate high standard of education and training on Echocardiography and to implement them through the Society directly or by establishing an Academy of Echocardiography.



Prof. M. Nazrul Islam

General Secretary

Prof. Fazlur Rahman

Others members of the committee

Big Day Ahead

Waiting for the something big?!


We are going to arrange an International Scientific Seminar and National Fellow Course in Echocardiography.

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We arrange regularly. BSE is now organizing BDECHO 2017 (Two day long International Scientific Conference and National Hands on Training on echocradiography)

Fellow course

Organize Fellow Course on Echocardiography every year.


The journal will be published regularly under the management of an Editorial board. Board Scrutinize the articles to be published in the journal (BJE).

Serving Community

Serve the community people by arranging health camp, workshop and seminars.